Cat Posters & Prints

Cats are cute, cuddly and often very photogenic. As a result, they make great subjects for posters. What cat lover wouldn't want to look at a poster-sized image of a kitty?

The past few years have seen quite a renaissance in cat posters. The Internet is the driving force behind this. LOLcats are funny pictures of cats with funny (and usually misspelled) dialogue added, such as "I can haz cheeseburger?" or "I eated a cookie." LOLcats originated on the Internet, but the most popular ones can now be ordered as prints to hang on your wall.

Demotivational posters are another Internet creation. They are a parody of classic motivational posters. Instead of featuring inspiring images and phrases, they feature the exact opposite. Many demotivational posters feature images of cats, perhaps because cats are notoriously lazy creatures. For example, there's one that simply says "Laziness" and features a cat sprawled out on the floor, without a care in the world. Another says "Camouflage" and features an image of a cat trying (and failing) to hide inside a shoe.

If you're interested in purchasing a cat poster for yourself or to give as a gift, there's no need to go to the store. Cat posters can be easily ordered online and the selection available is far superior to what any brick and mortar store will carry in stock.

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