Cat Leashes

Many pet owners put family members on guard for the cat's constant escape attempts outside. Many are so fed up that they decide it's time to put a harness and leash on Fluffy and go for a walk.

Cat leash ($6 to $15) about four to five feet long will give both enough freedom and the proper control.

At first it's best to familiarize your cat with the harness by associating it with positive things:

  • Drag leash and harness around the floor and let your cat chase them.
  • Put the harness on during feeding and take it off afterwards.
  • Give Kitty lots of attention and cat treats when she wears them.

Before taking your cat outside make sure she is identified with tags or a microchip. Consult you veterinarian regarding flea control and vaccinations, and follow these steps:

  • Carry your cat to a quiet spot in your yard.
  • If your cat is startled by loud noises (cars, people, dogs) pick her up. This will let her know that she's safe with you.
  • Walk when your cat is hungry, using treats to back away and tempt her towards you.
  • Try placing a treat a few feet in front so she goes to the food.
  • Only give praise to the cat when she is walking, not when she's stopping or struggling.
  • Gradually increase the time spent walking on the leash.
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