Cat Beds

Most cat owners know that their cat will sleep anywhere - draped over an arm of the sofa, on top or your favorite slippers - however, a cat bed is a useful way to confine your cat to certain areas of your home. By carefully locating at cat bed near a warm register you just might be able to keep cat hair away from your bed, designer couch or any cat allergic family members.

Commercially manufactured cat beds (from $10 to $30) are simply cushions that your cat will find appealing. Cat beds are available in various designs - walled cylinder cat beds, cave-like cat beds or cushioned wicker baskets - that provide your cat with a sheltered sleeping sanctuary. Cat beds are often lined with sheepskin, chenille or polar fleece.

When buying a cat bed, it is important to make sure it is washable. Washing your cat's bed regularly will help to kill bacteria, fungi and any flea problems at bay.

These heated cat beds are also ideal to soothe new cats and comfort older cats with arthritis:

  • Electric-heated cat beds provide the warmest feline comfort. These fleece or sheepskin cat beds plug into an outlet and keep a kitty toasty all night long.
  • Pet pad warmers are sold separately and can be heated in the microwave for a few minutes, then slipped into your cat's bed to provide up to 12 hours of warmth.
  • Thermal cat cushions are alternative to an electric cat beds, they use reflective thermal insulating material to draws the cat's body heat.
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