Buying From Breeders

Backyard breeders

Most backyard dog breeders are not professional breeders. Most breed for money and plan litters to arrive just in time for the holidays and their prices vary and are determined by them.

Even though some have good intentions and just want an additional dog like their beloved pet, they aren't aware of proper breeding practices - such as matching compatible parents, testing their bloodlines and keeping a look out for troublesome temperaments typical to their breed.

For this reason, backyard breeders refuse to spend money on vet bills to test their bitch and stud for hip dysplasia and other genetic abnormalities.

Any breeder that produces more than one breed at a time and more than six litters per year is NOT a professional breeder. Puppies they cannot sell usually end up in the local pound.

Responsible breeders

There are many indications to sniffing out a responsible breeder. Responsible breeders:

  • Study the bloodlines of the stud and bitch before breeding.
  • Prove their dogs in shows.
  • Keep their kennels clean.
  • Allow their dogs to be socialized inside their home.
  • Allow you to visit the dogs and see them interact with other dogs.
  • Allow you to view the parents.
  • Breeding is a full-time job.
  • Will be able to identify which puppy is dominant, submissive and high-strung.
  • Have their pup's first vaccinations and wormings.
  • Keep puppies they can't sell and take back puppies that don't work out.
  • Will replace pups that have health problems.
  • Provide references from previous buyers, health certificates, and any titles the parents have earned as show dogs.
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