Automatic Pet Door

You may be thinking of installing a pet door for your four legged friends but are asking yourself a few questions. You are wondering if your pets can use it how do you stop their buddies and other stray animals, such as skunks and raccoons, from getting inside your house. The answer to this is to install an electronic or electro-magnetic pet door.

These doors basically open in response to a signal from a sensor that is attached to your pet's collar. This sensor is basically your pet's key to the door. When your pet is within a certain range from the door the electronic signal will release the door's catch, so your pet can push it open. Once your pet has entered the house through the door, the catch will lock again immediately. The electronic sensors only need to operate on the entry side of the pet door, so pets can exit the house without the electronic key.

However, you can get models that operate electronically from both sides of the door if you want to keep a certain pet from going outside. Most electronic doors operate on electricity, batteries or transformers with advanced infra red technology and also give you the option of being used manually. Magnetic pet doors use the same basic idea as electronic models but they use a magnet on the key collar which releases the door's latch when the pet comes within range of it. Sensors, batteries or electricity aren't needed with these models.

Automatic doors generally come with extra keys and collars. Door frames and flaps come in various size, shapes, styles, materials and colors. As with all pet doors, make sure you measure your pet before installing one. If your pet is young don't forget it's going to grow. You can also get custom pet doors and regular pet doors. Automatic pet doors start at about $50.

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