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Dental Care For Dogs

Over time, a dog's teeth accumulate tartar, just like our teeth do if not cleaned regularly. This can cause tooth deterioration, and infection, gum disease and tooth loss. In turn, this causes pain and difficulty in eating and grooming.

It is important to know dental disease can spread to other organs of the body, causing serious and dangerous illness to your pet.

Regular preventive dental care will keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy, and protect your pet's long term health.

Dental Exams

When your vet examines and cleans your pet's teeth, he will anesthetize him, as dogs and cats are no fonder of a visit to the dentist than are their owners. You may want to schedule other care that may require anesthesia at the same time.

How often should your pet have a dental? Each animal is different. Even dogs or cats from the same litter, who eat the same food, may have very different dental needs.

Your veterinarian can advise you about an appropriate schedule for your pets.

Dental Care Costs

Dental care usually costs from $50 to $80 or $90. Your veterinarian is a trained pet dentist, using the same tools your dentist does to clean your teeth. In addition to the time and skill involved, there is the cost of anesthesia, which is based on weight.

If your pet's teeth have not received regular care, and need extra treatment, including removal, the cost may be more.

Do-It-Yourself Dental Care

Special toothbrushes that fit over the index finger and pet dental paste are available for cats and dogs, and are available from your veterinarian or local pet store. However, it will take time and patience for your pet to become comfortable with this procedure. Time and patience is the key:

  • Start with gently teaching your pet to be accustomed to your placing your finger in his mouth, on his/her teeth.
  • Then accustom your pet to the toothbrush by using water-packed tuna juice on the brush.
  • Then begin to use pet dental paste.
  • Be sure to only use pet dental paste, NOT human toothpaste!

If your pet does not take to tooth brushing, or you just don't have the time or patience plan on taking your pet in for regular dental care!

Source: Community Animal Welfare Society

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